Giving advice on business and personal issues

Defining business is easy if it is someone else’s money. Just like it is always easy to tell someone else how fix their problem. When it is your money or your problem it is never easy. I know this is true because giving someone else advice on how spend their money is really easy to do but when it is your money, well, that is a different thing.

When the business issue or personal issue is your issue, it takes much more thought, prayer and patience to get them resolved. I don’t know why we seem to be able to see and resolve issues in other people’s lives but many times we cannot see the same logic when it is our own life.

The bible speaks to this when it talks about removing the beam in our own eye so you can see clearly to remove the splinter in someone else’s eye. Ha. We usually we see our big problem as a small problem and one in which we can easily handle without anyone else’s help. It is much easier to give advice that to accept advice and it is also much easier to tell someone else how to fix their situation than to fix your own.

Many times when we face our own problems, it helps to imagine you are giving advice to someone else. Let me say that again because it is important. When you are facing your own issues, it helps to imagine you are giving advice to someone else because we all know it is easier to give advice than to accept it.

I have this thing I do when faced with a decision. I picture myself in a coffee shop meeting with a friend and discussing his/her issue. I imagine the friend telling me all about his/her issue and then asking for my advice of how to handle it. Many times when I play this role in my mind I can see the answer much clearer that before. The reason why is that it is always easier to give advice to someone else because you are detached from the issue and it allows you to see it more clearly. KT

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