Give it all you got

“Give it all you got” is really a simple concept. It means whatever you are doing, give it your all. It means to really try at what you are doing.

I have known people that get paid by the hour at their work, and they seem to enjoy finding ways to still be on the clock without working. I have actually heard these people brag about this. The truth is they are actually showing their own character. Don’t be like that.

I believe when you give it all you got, you will have no regrets. You will sleep well at night. When you have done your best, there is nothing else left to do. You find yourself at peace.

This can be misconstrued to think that you have to work 14 hours a day. That is not at all what I am saying. You just have to be there mentally when you are there physically. When you are talking with someone, really listen. When you are writing a letter, do the best you can. When you are giving a report to your boss, prepare before you go in and do great. If you are a salesman, like I am, know what you are talking about and look them in the eye and be honest.

What I am saying is to do whatever you do, as though everyone will see it or hear you. Be proud of what you do and do it well. KT

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