Getting out in front of your skis

The term getting out in front of your skis, refers to someone trying to do more than they are capable of. Basically, getting ahead of themselves. Another similar term is, letting your mouth write a check your body can’t cash

In the world of social media people can say or boast about anything because they are hiding behind a screen. You let that same person be in the real world and chances are, they would be more careful with their words.

There are 73 bible verses that speak about humility. The point is, it does matter how big and important you think you are; the key is recognizing you are still subject to God. The best I can tell, no matter how big your house is, how successful you are, how much your car cost or how much money you have, when we die, all our graves are the same size.

Life is much better for yourself and those around you if you keep your life in check and don’t get out in front of your skis. KT

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