Flipping the switch

I was going through some old memos in my briefcase and came across a letter that I wrote to myself during a particular tough time in business back in 2007. I was leaving one firm and starting another; it was a time of stress in my life. I titled this letter “Flipping the Switch,” and I was going to be the only one that would ever read it. I wrote it so that I could read the words out loud, and that my spirit could hear the words. Before you say that’s crazy, in the New Testament, it says several times that “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” The Bible also says that “whatever is in you in abundance will be spoken out of your mouth.” Therefore, I have always written notes to myself, and I am the only one that knows what they mean, but they all mean something special.

The term flipping the switch reminded me of how many changes we make in our life are done so when we decide to change our life. It is like walking from one room and turning the switch off, and walking into a new room and turning the light switch on. Like the light switch, there are just some areas in our life we need to walk away from and turn the light off, such as fear, anxiety and intimidation. In life, there are times we need to turn a new light on.

In all my understanding of God and the Bible, the thing I never see is God making these decisions for us. He always waits for us to make the move. Many times in my life, it would have been easier and simpler if God was making all the decisions, but as I understand it, he waits for us to make the decision and finally decide to make changes in our life. In our lives, we all know the lights we need to shut down and the ones we need to turn on.

In this letter to myself, I wrote the following 3 points: (1) be bold and be confident, (2) choose to stand up and be somebody, and (3) we are not endowed with a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Maybe this helps you as it helped me. KT

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