Finishing what you start

Have you ever driven by someone’s house and there are half finished projects all over the yard? The house is half painted, the porch is half fixed, the lawn mower is broken down in the middle of the front yard, weeds all in the flower beds etc. You get the idea. Now when you see this, just imagine what the inside of the house looks like? Ha

There are some people that just like things that way and good for them. I had this guy who worked for us year ago as a broker and he never used his file cabinets. His files were all in stacks on his desk, His filing system was to put the stack in order so that the most recent items were on top and the oldest was on the bottom. I used to love to go into his office and act like I needed something just to watch him dig into the stack and find it. His system worked faster than mine did. ha

I guess what I am saying is, if it is your style, keep doing it but if it is because you are confused in life and finishing a project is too much for you, you might want to get the issue addressed. Not every time, but more often than not, the way a person lives is an insight to who they are. Many times, if the areas of a person’s life are jumbled it is a pretty good guess that other areas of their life are jumbled.

I had this guy one time who wanted to talk with me about all the problems he was having financially, emotionally, and career wise. As he was talking I said a quite prayer that the lord would give me the wisdom to help this man. When he stopped talking I asked him to describe to me what his garage, closet and dresser looks like. He said, what difference does that make? I pushed him to tell me what those three areas of his house looked like. To no surprise his closet was jumbled, his dresser top was covered with junk from years ago and he couldn’t even get his car into his garage. I told him to take a day off and go home and clean those areas in his house and by the time he got finished, I felt he would have a different outlook on his life.

He called me a few days later and told me how much clearer he was thinking and how his self-esteem was better than the day in my office. Sometimes (not every time) we just need to clean out the clutter in our life to clear our mind so we can start over and think fresh. KT

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