Fierce love

There is no greater love this side of heaven than that of a parent for their children. In fact, it is the only glimpse we have of how God looks at us.

Years ago, I was in Alaska with some clients on a fishing trip and we went into this gift shop and there was a large print picture of a mother bear and her cub that absolutely captured my attention. In the picture the cub was separated maybe 30 yards from the mother and the photographer happen to snap the picture as the mama realized her cub was being threatened by something or someone and the mama bear had jumped out of the water with full on fury. All four of her feet were probably six inches out of the water and she was leaning into a sprint toward her baby. It was one of the most amazing pictures of unbridled love I have ever seen.

It is that way with you and I also. We can be happy, and patient and calm as possible until someone tries to hurt one of our children. Then that same calm parent will do whatever it takes (including lay your life down) to remove the threat from their child.

Simply put, there just is no greater love on this earth than that of a parent protecting their child. As we go into this 2019 holiday season, be sure to gather up your babies (even the grown ones) and tell them how much you love them. KT

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