Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the day a dad celebrates the greatest gift he could ever receive. His children.

Of all the titles I have had in my life, the greatest to me is the title, daddy. When my life draws to a close, I want to be remembered as having been a good father. I want to have equipped my children with the necessary life lessons that will enable them to live a full and meaningful life and impact their future generations.

As Father’s Day approaches, some people have good memories to build on and other have memories they would rather not think about. My parents separated and remarried when I was young so I have two fathers that have taught me many of life’s most important lessons. My greatest hope is that I have demonstrated to my daughters what a real father is supposed to be.

I have so many memories of my girls when they were little and as they grew up. Times of pure joy of the gift they have been to me. There have been times of joy, tears, fear, anxiety, protectiveness and always of unconditional love. I believe as a dad that showing your child that your love does not have conditions, is very possibly the greatest gift you can give them.

Father’s Day is a very special day for dads because it is on that day, that you get to tell your children what a gift they have been to you and how their lives have made you a better person.  To all the fathers, happy Father’s Day. KT

One thought on “Father’s Day

  1. Sometimes a mother will find that she needs to fulfill a double role as mother and father. I am one of those. I’m sure I missed important memories along the way while trying to do my best. My kids honor me every year on Father’s Day and thank me for stepping up and teaching them life lessons and how to be successful adults. It is amazing to see how God can turn a situation around and make it a blessing. Happy Father’s Day.

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