Extra helpings of life

Life changes people and experiences change people. None of us are who we were years ago. Many times, the shy one is now the outgoing one. The insensitive one is now the hypersensitive one. The timid one is now the bold one. The uncaring one is now the one who cares most. The least likely to success is the one who succeeded the most and the showboat whose daddy always bought them the hottest cars, is no longer driving the hottest cars. The carefree one is now the careful one. The computer nerd is now the CEO of a tech startup. These examples could go on for pages, but you get the point.

The most perfect and comical example of this is high school class reunions. I want to be gentle when I say this, but the most beautiful and popular girls in school, well, let’s just say they no longer hold that title at the class reunions. I saw the head cheerleader of our high school a few years back and she said hello to me.  God as my witness, I didn’t even know who she was until she started talking. Ha

The point is we never remain the same person as we once were. We all evolve and grow into being who we choose to be. Not where we were heading, rather where we chose to head. See, life is about decisions and as Andy Stanley once said, we never really know what hangs in the balance of each decision. Meaning, how that decision we make will impact the ones we love most.

Therefore, we need to choose well and redeem the time we have and do the most with the opportunities we encounter today. We just never know where the simplest opportunity will lead us and the person, we will become because of it. KT

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