There is a commercial where a grandfather is going to take his granddaughter for a ride in his old classic Bronco. The granddaughter looks inside and says, “grandpa, there is no touchscreen, navigation, Bluetooth or satellite radio.” He says “exactly.” What the grandpa means is when you drive an old classic, you unplug and are not distracted by all the technology we have in today’s newer cars. Not long ago I was on a trip and stopped for a cup of Starbucks. When I got back on the road I had phone call and an email I needed to answer.  Before I realized it, I was holding the steering wheel with my knee, talking on the phone via Bluetooth, answering an email and,,,,,,, drinking the Starbucks!! I had to laugh at myself just a little because I thought, somebody needs to be driving! Ha

I was thinking about this the other day and went back through my memory of hotels I have sold in the past and realized that before cell phones, email, texts, tweets, Instagram and Facebook, I sold as many hotels then, as now.  Back in the early days when I got in the car, I listened to radio and looked out the windows. No phone, no emails, nothing except being in that moment. What a novel idea. KT

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  1. Sometimes even now with all the technology, I unplug and listen to the radio and just drive. It is refreshing.

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