End of life

People refer to death in various ways. I have heard it called by the following terms. Passing over to the other side, crossing the River, beyond the grave, at peace, at rest, a better place, over the ridge, paradise, the reward, Abraham’s bosom, passing away and on it goes.

The simple answer is that death is what happens here on earth before you go to heaven or hell. You will be going to one of the two places. There are no other options and all the sweet wording in the world doesn’t change the event. You either die in Christ as a born again believer or you don’t. The Apostle Paul wrote “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord” I believe the transformation to Heaven or Hell is literally in the blink of an eye. When you take your last breath here on earth, you take your next breath in either Heaven or Hell. There are no second chances or do overs. There is only the one chance.

There have been some scoundrels (I can name a couple) that died a slow enough death so that in the end, they become a believer and asked God to save their soul. For every one who had the time to make a last decision, there are thousands more that didn’t have the time to change their mind. To them there were no death bed revelations, because there was no time. It was instant death and they were bound by whatever decision they had already made.

There are some things you can leave to chance and hope for the best. This is not one of them. I believe every single person regardless if they are an atheist, unbeliever or a believer, all know deep in that quite place in our hearts, that there is a God and he is real and he will accept me unconditionally if I just say ok. I have seen up close some of the smartest and most educated people that cannot understand this simple truth. That is why I love the Apostle Paul’s writings so much because he was an unbeliever’s unbeliever but when Jesus was revealed to him, he turned that moment and never looked back. His history is far worse than yours and mine, yet he found forgiveness, acceptance and grace and he leaped toward it and never let go.

If your decision is to stay a sinner and an unbeliever, I say, by God be the best sinner you can be. Don’t hold back. If you are not a believer because you have unanswered questions and have been putting this decision off, trust me when I say, you are literally flirting with forever. KT

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  1. There really is a difference in being forgiven and being delivered. God is so good that he will forgive us over and over even for the same thing. When you receive his deliverance, like Paul you’re right, you never look back. Hallelujah!

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