I recently read a statement in a J.A. Jance novel that made me pause. The context was a guy who realized he may not achieve his dream. The statement was “maybe that’s what dreams are for-to fill in the blanks and allow us to glimpse things that would otherwise remain forever invisible.” That statement is worth reading again.

Payne Stewart, the professional golfer that won the US Open in June 1999, died in a plane crash a few months later in October of that year. Before he died he was quoted as saying the following about dreams “The thing about dreams is sometimes you get to live them out.” Clearly, Payne Stewart could live out some of his hopes and dreams through golf but when he died at 42 years old, these words about dreams have much more impact.

The dreams I am speaking of are not the kind you imagine while you are sleeping. We have all had these types dreams where you leave the house in the morning for work and realize when you get to work that you don’t have any clothes on. Ha.

No, the dreams I am speaking of are borne out of a deep hope and desire for our life and the lives of those around us. Just maybe these dreams are in fact a glimpse that allows us to imagine our lives the way we want them to be. Without getting too philosophical here, maybe, it is the dreams that drive the hope for a better future. If I were asked to name the most important emotion we can possess, it would be hope. Hope is that thing that keeps us engaged in life and moving toward the tomorrows we dream of. I know this idea is a lot to take in but I believe if you really think it through, dreams are in fact a glimpse into the life we most want. KT

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