Do you have enemies?

Winston Churchill was quoted as saying “You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something.”

I have always believed that whatever you compromise to keep, you will eventually lose. Take your credibility and integrity as an example. If you choose to compromise them for money, you most likely will lose the money you compromised yourself for. Look at your health because we all know this is true. If you compromise your health to keep living like you know you should not do, you most likely will lose your health.

The bible references this in the lesson of sowing and reaping. The simple point is that you will reap what you sow. You lie to others, others will lie to you. You cheat others, others will cheat you. You treat others with truth and kindness, you will be treated with truth and kindness. You show love and love will be shown to you. You care for others and others will care for you. You save money, you will have money. Simple, right? Then why do we as people think we are smarter than God?

Fast forward five years in your life and put on a piece of paper the one or two word description you want to have in your life, like joy, peace, financial security, friends, good health, great family, etc. Well, the answer is really simple. You start to do and be those one and two word descriptions in your life today. Whatever you sow, you will reap.

Do you think that a farmer gets up one morning and sees corn growing in his field and gets mad and throws his hat down because he wanted beans? Sounds foolish right? See, the farmer knew what he had planted and knew what it would look like when the crop he had sown started to grow. This is what God means by sowing and reaping.

Choose what you want to have and want to be. Then start sowing those seeds in your life and then like the farmer, when you see your crop coming up, it won’t be a surprise. KT

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