Digging in and holding on

When issues arise in your life, you need to find the place where you can dig in and hold on. I am speaking of the place (metaphorically) where you have a firm foundation. These life issues can be physical, relational, financial and various other areas of our lives. You want someone or something that is unmovable. A place to hold on until you get through whatever the issue is. Psalm 91:1 says; whoever dwells in the shelter of the most high will rest in the shadow of the almighty.

I remember the first time I took an overnight train trip. My old business partner talked me into taking a train trip for a business meeting instead of flying. Dumb idea. We boarded the Amtrak train at 8pm at night and truth be told, it was kind of cool. You had your own private sleeping room with a private bath and all the amenities. We got on the train and unpacked and then went to the dining car for dinner. It was an experience and it was a blast,,, until about 2 am. Unless you are used to going to sleep while constantly moving, you are in for a treat. I don’t mean a little gentle rolling from side to side like on a cruise ship. I mean flat out jerking back and forth like you were in ski boat. To go to sleep, you had to take 120 Tylenol PMs, get on the bunk face down and wedge your feet and your arms in at the four corners just so you could hold on. The sleeping part was terrible. The rest of it was kind of fun.

My point is, when faced with adversity. You need to find the place (metaphorically) where you can dig in and hold on. Many people don’t think they need God until they do. When everything is going good, some people think they are in control. It is only when something happens, do they call on God.

My suggestion is to find that place where you are secure and the foundation is firm so that in a time of need, you will know where to go. KT

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