Cutting someone off in traffic

This is not generally a good idea. I will tell you two stories that lay this out. Both of these stories make me look back and ask myself, what were you thinking?

Story one – some years ago I was driving into Eagles Landing subdivision and got behind a person that believed the posted speed limit should be followed. Go figure. There is roundabout circle that you have to go around to get to the street our home is located. When the slow driver reached the roundabout and started going the proper direction, I went around the other way to get past him. This obviously irritated him and he therefore sped up (go figure) to follow me home so he could offer me a piece of his mind. So here I am going toward my home with the other driver now on my bumper and showing signs of being somewhat mad. I didn’t want to pull into my driveway and have an altercation in my front yard so I drove past my home and circled around the subdivision for 20 minutes until he got tired of the cat and mouse. After he went his way and then I could go home, it was probably a half hour later. So I ask you. Did my vehicle maneuver save me time or not? Ha

Story two – A couple of weeks ago Elaine and I were coming through downtown Atlanta and traffic was jammed up for about an hour. At one point there is an area where two lanes converge and the vehicles were to take turns going ahead. Beside me was a panel truck with three guys in it. I choose not to let them in front of me so I wouldn’t have to be behind a panel truck for the next hour. I cut them off. They cursed me out the window and then got up right behind me going through traffic. After the traffic broke up they stayed right behind me. I thought oh my goodness, these guys want to follow me to some place and have a little chat with me. Which they would have. I thought, I have to disarm the situation somehow. I moved over to the right lanes and slowed down so they would be forced to move on ahead. After we got home I just had this uneasy feeling and had to go look out the front door several times to make sure they had not followed me home. Now I asked you, did cutting them off really save me time and keep my blood pressure in check? Ha.

The moral of the story is that sometime it is best to just lay back and take your turn. Otherwise it could take you a lot longer to get where you are going. This could apply to driving and also other areas of our life. KT

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