Cruise ship windows

My youngest daughter and her husband are going on a cruise next week. I asked them if they had a balcony or a wall window.

It reminded of a cruise our family and 4 other families took back in 2002. It was our first cruise and as first time cruisers, there are always a few questions you didn’t know to ask about until after you are on the boat. One such question should have been does our room have a balcony with a sliding glass door? Had we asked that question the answer would have been, no, you get a wall with a little window in it.

We walked into that room and there two twin beds and two fold down twin beds hanging on the walls. All four of us in that itty bitty room. I could stand still in the bathroom and touch all four walls. When you did have to use the bathroom the toilet was so high your feet would swing. It made you feel like a little kid in a porta potty at the playground.

The main thing that concerned me as a dad was how I get my family out of here if there is a problem. We were one floor down from the entrance door of the ship and halfway down a long hallway. I thought ok, what if the ship loses power and it is dark, what do I do? Well, within 30 minutes I had counted the steps from our door to the staircase, counted the steps on the staircase and knew how far it was to the outside decks where the lifeboats were.

Some might say I am a little too persnickety about certain things but when it comes to my family’s safety, there is not such a thing as being too prepared. After I had that all that worked out in my mind, I went up to the buffet area and ate for the 1st of 14 times that day. KT

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