Consistently being there

This morning the pine straw guy reminded me of a very important business principle. The one that gets the business is usually the one that is more accessible and available now. In our business, the broker that gets chosen is usually the one who is talking to the seller the most. Not always, but most of the time.

I need some pine straw in our flower beds and I even got a letter from our homeowner’s association telling me I did. Ha. Over the years I have hired the guys who knock on the front door with a truck full of pine straw in the driveway. It is not the guy that left me card two years ago. It is the one that is there now.

Whatever your business is, I would guess that one of the keys is to stay in frequent communication. I don’t think it means every week, but it is the little subtle touches that count. A phone call to say hello, text, an email saying, “hey Bob, I saw this, and it reminded me of you, hope you are doing good.” Usually it is the simple things that mean the most. I learned a new trick a few months ago when I talk to someone on their cell phone.  I ask them if they have an iPhone (which most do) and when they say yes, I tell them I want to switch over to face time. I have yet to have someone say, “no I don’t want to see you.” With a face like mine I am sure this will happen but so far, so good. It is amazing the difference between only talking and seeing and talking at the same time.

So, I made a business decision to start a campaign of more reaches, more touches, and more communication. In business, you just can’t sit back and think that call you made a year ago will get you the business today. Business is moving fast and if you don’t swim fast, you could get left in the current. KT

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