In business, life, finances, relationships and many other life situations, there is probably not a more important word or more important goal than consistency. Consistency means among other things, evenness, stability, regularity, orderliness, steadfastness.

In money, business, life and health it’s the consistency of what you do that means more than the occasional effort. See, it like exercise in any form. Staying with the program is the only way to see the results. You could be a long-distance runner but if you stopped for month, when you start back it takes some time to get back to the same level as before.

I had this friend of mine who decided when he was 50 years old, he wanted to run a marathon. He did one and thought maybe I will do another. Then he ran two, three etc. and kept going until he had run almost 80 marathons while in his 50’s. He found out what I am talking about in that once you get to a level and remain consistent, it is much easier to keep going that to start and stop.

We have one of our brokers at the firm that makes five cold calls every day, every week and every month. Other brokers ask him how he gets so much business. Well, the answer is it certainly is not (trust me) because of his looks, intellect or education. He is a pretty homely looking guy, but it is his consistency of making calls that results in his business. It is that same way with your spouse, your child, your saving account etc. If you tell your wife you love her only one time a year, you will probably soon be in an apartment all alone eating potato chips on the couch in your underwear. In much of life, it is the consistency that means more than just a little effort here and there. KT

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