Climbing out of the ditch and reengaging

There is a fact of life that is incontrovertible. The longer you stay in a ditch the farther you will sink down. This is so very true in business but also in personal life. One day you are driving along the road, and everything is good and the next thing you look up and realize you have somehow ended up in the ditch.

When this first happens, it is easy to jump out and get back on the road. The longer you allow yourself to stay in the ditch, the higher the climb out looks and if you don’t decide to get out now, you will find yourself so far below the weeds you may never get out. People who choose to end their life or do something drastic are simply people that stayed in the ditch too long.

Think of a baseball, football, basketball game. It is impossible to keep the monument 100% of the time. There will be periods where you seem to have lost your mojo and the other team keeps scoring. It is in these moments that you must pick yourself and your team up and get in a huddle and get everyone back on track. It all starts with one play or one hit when the momentum can shift.

In business, you do those three things you have been putting off. In personal life, you talk to that person or make yourself get up and lace up your boots and go do something constructive. I believe the point is to decide and force yourself to start the climb out. It is amazing how much energy and hope you have right after you start. So, the message is, if you find yourself in a ditch, start the climb. The view is much better from the road. KT

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