Christmas 1989

Last night Elaine and I watched an old video of the family Christmas in 1989. Our girls were 6 and 2 years old and Elaine and I were 31 years old. What is humbling is that in the video, Elaine and I and our girls were the same age as our older daughter and her family is today.

It seemed like last year that the video was taken. The 26 years have flown by.

In 1989, as a young family we had many dreams and plans for the future and now the future is here. I don’t know how I missed it, but in case you didn’t know, life is moving at a rapid pace. There are stages to life and sometimes you just move from stage to stage without thinking about it.

In life I think one of the most incredible things we all need to do is finish well. History is full of people that had it all once and then lost it. There have been many people that just could not go to the next stage and handle life correctly.

As I watched that video, I was reminded how important life is and the examples you set for your children. Many of the people in that video are not with us anymore and some I miss dearly because they were great people that influenced our lives.

So live life honestly and with purpose because some day, your children and grandchildren will be watching old movies of you and it is important that they remember you as someone who positively impacted their life. KT

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