Cars, trucks, hats and dogs

If you have ever wondered what men like to imagine, think no more. Its cars, trucks, hats and dogs. Maybe a few imagine a 7-iron golf shot to the 18th green on August National, but mostly it is the outdoor, rustic, scene of camping, hiking, boating, fishing or the occasional old hot rod car.

I know this to be true because when I get an Orvis or LL Bean magazine and there is this picture of a  rugged guy standing beside an old Grand Wagoneer, holding an over-n-under shotgun, wearing a hat while a golden retriever dog sits nearby, we all imagine being that guy in that scene. There is something about it that brings calm, joy and a feeling of excitement and a sense of life. Its like we can transport our mind from our sofa to being that person in the picture.

God gave us an imagination for a reason. It was once said during WWII – that a person cannot imagine doing the unimaginable until he does the thing no one can imagine. Use your imagination for good and imagine where you want to be in life, because you will never be there, until you can first see yourself there in your imagination. KT

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