Bury the lies you have been told

This could be the most important thing you read all year. Many of us are still carrying around lies (baggage) we have been told over our life and it is time to bury them.

Some examples are – you will never succeed, you will never make it, your job defines who you are, you will never be like them, you will never be as good as them, they will always be better, you’re not good looking enough, your income determines the person you are, you will realize one day that your dream was never going to happen, you are insignificant, people won’t trust you, people won’t like you, people won’t believe you, look at them-they have it all and you never will. This list could go on for pages.

If you ever hear anything I have said, please hear this. If Satan can get you to believe these types of lies, he has control over you your entire life and you will struggle against these lies all your life. The greatest gift you could give yourself for 2021, is to once and for all, bury those lies you have believed about yourself.

For me personally here are a few doozies I have been told – you will never be salesman because you stutter, you will never be a success, you will never measure up and be as good as them, you need a job where you don’t have to talk, look at yourself-they will always be better, you need an education to compete, why would anyone trust you?, you will always be just Keith Thompson-a nobody.

I remember so vividly when I made the decision to bury the lies, I had been told. It was my second hotel sale (August 1990) when I realized I can do this business. I had never succeeded before in any meaningful way with the restaurant business but when I closed that second hotel sale, (in my mind) I walked through that door and flipped off the light switch on all those lies.

Spiritually speaking (in the vernacular) the old devil stands at the end of your driveway every morning as you leave and reminds you of the lies you have believed about yourself. Too often, we believe those same lies again over and over and that is how we start each day.

My advice that may sound a little silly, take a piece of paper and get by yourself. Start writing down all those lies you have been told and unfortunately believed about yourself. When you are done, take that piece of paper, ball it up and go out in your yard and bury it in the dirt. When you turn around to go back in the house, (mentally) flip that light switch off on all those lies you have been told and close the door. Have a great 2021. KT

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