Better not bitter

When unexpected things happen in life, how do we choose to be better for it instead of bitter because of it? The answer is, I don’t know for sure, but I do know it is a choice we can make.

I was probably the poster boy for a good reason to go off the rails and let my past define me. I left home in my senior year of high school with no prospects of college life (like all my friends), and I could have gotten bitter and resentful and let that carry me into adulthood. Instead, I chose a life for my wife and daughters that was better than what I had. I did not want to repeat my history into their lives.

I see adults all the time that are still hanging onto their history as an explanation for how their life turned out. At some point, we all have to say, ‘enough,’ and move on beyond the past. Hopefully, the people reading this blog had great childhoods and never had to deal with an unfortunate past. That said, there are many who need some help and advice to forgive the past and forge a new future for themselves and their families.

I heard a pastor say something one time that has stuck with me. He was counseling a person and that had all the reasons why their life was on hold because of what happened in their past. He listened and waited until all the bad past was said out loud. The person thought the pastor was going to confirm that they in fact, had good reason for letting their life pass by while still holding onto the past. Instead, the pastor looked at the person and ask, “ok, lets chose a date that you decide to stop letting your past determine your future. Is it today, next Monday at 3pm or a month from now?” the person looked at the pastor like he had lost his mind and then it began to resonate what he was trying to help them do. The person chose a date and they moved on with their life in a positive manner. All they needed was a little help to come to grips with letting go of the past.

Whatever past you are dealing with, please hear me here, your past is nothing compared to the blessings of a future with a forgiven past. KT

2 thoughts on “Better not bitter

  1. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!!! My past only holds a place to remind me of where I have been and how God brought me to where I am now. We all have a choice. Choose wisely. I love you my sweet brother

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