Being unique

Being unique and embracing it, is many times one of the keys to joy, peace, fulfillment and also success. Many people want to copy or duplicate another person because they see that person achieving some popularity or notoriety and think if they imitate that person, they will have the same success. Success usually comes from the uniqueness of the individual that sets them apart from the crowd. In reality we should all celebrate our own uniqueness and not try to change the thing that makes us different.

Over the weekend we were flipping through the channels and landed on the history of the Carpenters music group. I am big Doobie, CCR and Three Dog Night guy which were all in prominence at the same time (late 60’s -mid 70’s) with the Carpenters. They were all competing for the same listener but the styles could not be any more different. The three groups mentioned above were the hard charging rock groups whereas the Carpenters were love songs and easy listening.

The one thing they all had in common was a unique sound that could not be duplicated. There was only one of them and they all succeeded greatly at the same time. When the Carpenters came on the music scene, everyone just moved over a little and made room. The result was a music success.

Some of the greatest sales people I have ever known were not you would expect. So many times people think of salesmen or saleswomen as over bearing and loud. I find the greatest sales people to be the ones that are reserved and thorough in how they approach business. They are also honest, likable and trustworthy.

My point is never try to be someone else. You lose the qualities that make you, you. Embrace the uniqueness that belongs to only you. No one else has what you have. Be thankful that you are different because that is what you can build a life on. KT

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