Being thankful

I cannot tell you how thankful I am. Yesterday I was driving with the heated seat on, listening to Christmas music, looking at the remaining leaves and drinking Starbucks coffee. These things alone did not make me thankful but add in that my family is happy and healthy and yes, I had me a thankful, grateful, joyful and humbling moment.

Sunday at church the message was on the story of the prodigal son. At the end of the service the pastor ask anyone that is the prodigal or dealing with a prodigal, to come forward. Our church is large and the sanctuary sits a couple thousand people. When the pastor said this, it looked like half of the people in the sanctuary got up to come forward. I had another thankful moment right then because we were not standing up to walk down.

Our children are here and they are near. What an incredible blessing as a dad to know my baby girls are doing well and have married fine fine men and are handling life well.

So yes, I am a thankful man and a very blessed man. KT

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