Being drafted

I was recently given a book on WWII and I was flipping through the pages and I was reminded of the sacrifice all these young men and women gave for America.

People from my generation and later have no idea what it was like to be 18 and just out of high school and going into the service. It was not something they had a decision in. You were drafted by the government and regardless of your race, height, build, hair color etc. you went to serve your country. There were the bold outgoing young people but there were also the timid and withdrawn and they all got drafted.

Think back to when you were 18 and all the dreams and hopes you had for your life. Many many many of these young drafted men and women never came home. They were at high school graduation in June and 5 months later they were dressed in combat gear holding a rifle in some foreign land fighting for the liberties you and I have today.

For Memorial Day and Fourth of July, Dahlonega Georgia, puts out white crosses for all the men and women from Dahlonega that have died in a war. These white crosses line all the streets in Dahlonega and they are spaced about 25 feet apart. On each cross is the name of the person that died and the war that they fought in. There are crosses from both world wars, Korea, Vietnam and other conflicts around the globe. Today, the population of Dahlonega GA is 6,049 people. Small town. The crosses that line those streets number into the thousands. Every time I see these crosses I wonder about the young men and women that gave their life and what Dahlonega would look like today if they had all lived their life.

In the battle of Gettysburg in 1863, 51,112 young men died over the three day battle. 51 thousand. Can you even imagine what it was like? No we can’t because most Americans have never been called to arms, to fight in battle, to give the last greatest measure for their country. I pray to God that we never have to involuntarily send our young men and women again and that they can live out their hopes and dreams and have families and a life.

When you hear people talking causally about how to keep America safe while being politically correct, keep in mind that there is a cost that is almost unimaginable. KT

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