Being at a funeral

I was at a funeral earlier this week at our home church, The Rock Baptist Church in Rex Georgia. The funeral was for a family member that was an incredible lady. In fact, she was a lady’s lady. Simply a beautiful person in every aspect and one that will be missed greatly.

The Rock Baptist church was originally founded in 1889 and over the years has added newer buildings for Sunday school, gatherings, education, sports and a new sanctuary. The only component of the church that hasn’t changed is the grave yard behind the sanctuary. In that hallowed ground rest generations of members and families from The Rock Baptist Church. Also at rest there is my wife’s family members that have gone on to be with the Lord and the grave plots for Elaine and I are also there. Thankfully they are still empty.

As I was walking through the grave yard I was stuck with the realization of how fast life moves and that there is no way to slow it down. We will all be in a final resting place at some point and all the money in the world cannot stop or even slow down the inevitable.

As I walked through the graves this week I looked at graves from 100 years ago as well as ones that became occupied recently. I was strangely aware that many that are resting there had dreams, hopes and desires that were left when they left. I was also aware that the only time we have for certain is now. We all hope that we have long life but it is uncertain.

I have often said that the best way to move forward in life is to take a real focused inventory of where we are and how very blessed we are. That day, I walked over fresh cut grass, pebbles and grave outlines of the deceased and thought about those very people laying beneath each headstone and how they most likely walked the same path and smelled the same fresh cut grass and looked at the same surroundings as I did.

Take a moment today to tell those closest to you that you love them and really listen when they speak to you. Memorize their faces and their voice and thank God for that moment. KT

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