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I want to get a little spiritual with this blog.

Many, if not most all the biblical characters we read about did not become who they were meant to be without first going through a rescue period in their life. They needed to be rescued. None that I know of just became heroes without going through something that was difficult or challenging in their life. Even today, most anyone who has accomplished great things in their life, did so after going through challenging circumstances. Below is a few (certainly not all) biblical heroes that didn’t become who they were meant to be without going through a tough time first.

Moses did not become Moses without spending 40 years in exile first

David did not become David without killing the giant first

Job did not become Job without losing everything first

Noah did not become Noah without being first laughed at for decades

Abigail did not become King David’s wife without first risking her own life to save her first husband

Jonah did not become Jonah before first spending three days in the belly of a whale

Abraham did not become Abraham without having to first start his life over somewhere else

Joseph did not become Joseph before first being sold into slavery and then imprisoned

Peter did not become Peter before denying three times that he even knew who Jesus was

Saul did not become Paul before being blinded for three days while God got his attention

And finally, we probably wouldn’t even know about Jesus if he hadn’t gone through death, burial and resurrection first.

The point is, don’t always look at failure, loss or bad news as life ending. If you are going through a difficult time, just maybe God has a rescue plan for you to become who you are meant to be. KT

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