A nobody, nobody knew

Many times, today we are judged on how we look on the outside instead of who we really are on the inside.

All through the bible, God looked beyond the outward appearance and choose rather to look at their heart. Aren’t we all glad God didn’t choose us by how we look? There is no better example of God choosing a nobody, nobody knew, than in the story of David. It would take 50 pages to really deal with this, but I will condense it to a few paragraphs.

Saul was the reigning King of Israel in 1000/BC and had disobeyed God. God told the prophet Samuel to go to the house of Jesse because he had chosen one of his sons to be the next King. Samuel shows up and asked Jesse to let him meet all his sons. The father started with the oldest and worked his way down. The oldest three were tall, good looking, handsome young men and Samuel thought surely, God will choose one of these. God did not. After seven sons paraded in front of Samuel, he thought he had made a mistake or misunderstood God. He asked Jesse if this was all his sons and (I imagine) Jesse shaped his finders and said, “oh yea, there is the youngest and he is tending the sheep.” Even David’s father almost forgot about him. Samuel said to fetch him.

As soon as Samuel laid eyes on David he knew. David was young, skinny, small, ruddy in complexion with unruly hair. He looked nothing (from the outside) like what a King would look like, but God said, this is him.

God does not care how well dressed we are or how put together we seem because he can see the heart of a person. To God, we are not judged on how we look, color of skin, education, cut of our hair, brightness of our teeth or any of the other attributes that unfortunately, are what some people only focus on. God simply doesn’t care about any of that (and we shouldn’t either) rather he looks beyond the outward appearance and sees only the heart.

We would do well to remember these things as we move though life because regardless of what anyone says, God knows everything about you and me and he knows every intention of our heart. You can’t fool him as he is all knowing. In my line of work, I have met some of the greatest people and the some of the worst scoundrels and they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The bible says the eyes are the lamp of the body (our soul) and it is in the eyes, that we really see who the person is. KT

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