A moment

I had a moment yesterday. I was walking into a store and was thinking about all the things we think about like work, family, texts, emails, etc.

When I was almost to the front door, I had this moment of pure clarity and I stopped where I was to let the moment wash over me. It was as if I could see clearer than ever before and the air was sweeter, and the grass was greener, and the landscape was more beautiful than ever. While I paused, I knew these kinds of moments don’t often happen and that moment will never happen again.

I think a great life is made up of a collection of these moments over the years. In these moments, what doesn’t matter are issues like strife, jealousy, money, lack of money, health issues, age, what someone said about you last week, etc.

Savor these moments when they happen because they will never happen exactly like that again. KT

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