A little dress

This morning I was in a hurry (like I always am) getting everything done before I left for work, such as getting the dogs settled, etc. I passed through the laundry room and stopped because hanging on the rack was one of my little granddaughter’s dresses.

It was a little purple dress with flowers and was made of that swishy material she likes to wear. It was hanging there, and it was so pretty. I stopped what I was doing and just took a moment to thank God for our little granddaughters and the joy and purpose they have added to our life.

When our first granddaughter, Rowan, was born, I blubbered up when I first saw her and held her. I was thinking before she was born that the protectiveness I felt for my two daughters would be different from the grandchildren. Well, I was wrong. The same level of pure, unconditional love and protectiveness washed over me that moment in the delivery room, and I knew instantly that I would give my life for that little girl.

I think God gives men of a certain age grandchildren because it is a gift that you didn’t even know you needed. It’s a life moment that will forever change who you are; in that moment, you realize the beauty of life, health, children, grandchildren, love and peace. It literally washes over you so fast that it takes your breath.

I believe when you get to the later ice cream seasons of life, the only two things that will matter is the relationship you have with God and the relationship you have with your family. You will not be thinking “I wished I had worked a little harder,” “I wish I bought another house,” etc. No, when it’s just you and your maker and your time is short, none of the material things will matter. What will matter are the little dresses and the simple moments in life. KT

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