Who is paying for lunch?

Bob goes out each week to lunch with five friends. When the bill comes the waiter asked if it is one bill or split up?  Bob says to his friends, “I have had a good year so why don’t I chip in 80%.” Two of the other friends say “well, we will each pitch in 10%.” The remaining three fiends didn’t contribute anything.

This became the usual way they paid the lunch bill. One day the manager came over to the table and said, because you guys are such loyal guests, I want to give you 100 dollars in cash to split up as my way of thanking you.

After the manager leaves, Bob says well let’s split the 100 like we do when the bill is paid. I will take 80 and the other two friends will get 10 each.

The three that never contributed anything said, “hey now, wait a minute, that’s not fair.” We should all split it equally. Then the three said some bad things to Bob and called him greedy.

Bob decided he didn’t want to go to lunch any more with his ex-friends, so he didn’t show up the next week. The next week the remaining five friends all ordered lunch and when Bob still didn’t come, the three that had said bad things to Bob, asked each other, “who’s going to pay for lunch?’

Does this remind you of anything? Maybe the American tax system? KT

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