When it is time to stop talking and start doing

There are people that cannot shift gears from talking about it, to doing it. In business you will find them in every boardroom, every assembly line, every staff meeting, every loading dock and standing at every water cooler in the break room. These are people that are the authority of how to do it but the problem is they never actually do it.

I had a friend some years ago that was so captivating when he spoke that if you were not careful, you would start believing him. There wasn’t a subject he was not proficient at discussing. He was one of the most well learned, and informed men I have ever known. The problem is he could not get out of his own way. He talked a great game from the bleachers but never got on the field. His self-esteem seemed to be wrapped up in the number of people who would gather around to listen to him talk. If he had a crowd of attentive listeners, he was in his element. I am sure you have seen these type people as well.

The person I most want to listen to is the one who actually got on the field, buttoned up the chin strap and participated in the game. It doesn’t matter if he or she succeeded. What matters is that they tried. I think there are many many people who live their entire life talking about what would have been but they never experienced it themselves. One of the greatest joys in life is when you tried your best at something and you are exhausted on the sidelines from the effort. It is much sweeter than standing on the sidelines having only talked about it.

I have told our sales people many times not to wait until they have all the answers and all the files straight. This type person usually will not get on the field. Behind the talk is really fear that they attempt to hind through conversation. I had a broker one time that didn’t even wait until he had a business card. He just started calling and seeing people and wouldn’t you know it, he turned out to be very successful in our line of work.

Fear of failure is a devastating life companion. The more you welcome it, the more of your life it inhabits. This Christmas, give yourself a gift that will inspire you. Think of the top 5 business related calls, meetings, or introductions that scare you most and then go do all 5. The worst thing that can happen is you get turned down which is exactly what you have now. What I predict will come out of this exercise is a renewed boldness, a renewed sense of self-worth and a renewed vision for 2016. KT

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