Recognizing when life gives you a gift

All the Atlanta Hotel AG brokers have this thing we do when we sell a hotel. The broker that sold the hotel has to buy everyone lunch. There have been some years where we have eaten a lot of lunches together and then other years (like 2009) when we missed lunch for the whole year. Ha

Yesterday was one of those lunches together. I have a doctor friend who was also at the restaurant when we were there. His father is an attorney and in very poor health. My friend the doctor commented that he remembers fondly when his father was healthy and active, he would take all the staff out to lunch and it caused him to reflect on those memories of his dad. His exact words were “time doesn’t discriminate and to enjoy those moments.” My translation is “recognize that you are living in a gifted period because it won’t last forever.” Time will change your life and you may look back with great longing on what you took for granted. In short, recognize when life gives you a gift.

When I read his words in a text it struck me that the life we have is in fact a gift from God that shouldn’t be taken for granted. It should be recognized for what it is. It is a moment of life’s joy that you have been able to be a part of. There will be a time for all of us, when the phone stops ringing as often, the job ends and what you do every day is simplified.

Listen to me here. Even though your life may be complicated and even stressful, close your eyes and whisper a prayer of thanks for God letting you be where you are today. KT

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