Momentum is a funny thing. It is almost impossible to plan and predict and even more impossible hang on to. Have you ever watched a football game where one team is just pounding the other team? I was watching one recently like that where the team that was getting pounded got the ball on a big play and they were able to turn the momentum to their favor and ultimately went on to win the game.

I remember Tiger Woods was asked once about momentum and he said something that was very true. He was in a period where he hit any shot he wanted and had no fear and won almost every time he went out. A sportscaster asked him if he ever dialed it back to give the others players a chance. He said that if you turn the switch off, you may never get it to it back on. He meant you can dial it back by choice but you can never by choice turn it back on. Momentum is like that. When you have it, you need to do everything you can to keep it going because there will come a day when you don’t have it.

In business I look at how the market and momentum can change so quickly. Take Volkswagen for example. In June of 2015 they became the top selling car maker in the world for the previous 12 months. It was a first for the company and they looked unstoppable. By September 2015 they were hit with the emissions scandal and today in October 2015 some are questioning if the company can survive. So within 4 months they went from being the world’s top selling Car Company to questioning their survival. There are many business examples like this where people become complacent and just assume it will always be that way.

In life like in business, you need to recognize when momentum is with you and be focused. It is during those time periods that we need to be still, listen and be appreciative for the moment. KT

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