Do the one thing

In life, business, relationships, health, education, religion and most all other areas of life, there is one thing that we know we need to do that is more important than all the other things. There are probably many things that we should do but if we were honest with ourselves, we can all identify the one main thing we need to do. We usually already know what it is. More times than not, the failure of the business, health, education, relationship etc. can usually be tied directly to not having done that one thing.

Since other areas of life are complicated, let’s deal with only the business aspect. It doesn’t matter if you manage a lawnmower shop or run a fortune 500 company, there is really one main thing you must do to keep the life blood flowing in your business or your company. There are many easy and explainable detours and reasons why you don’t do the one thing. I call them the duck blinds. A duck blind is a shelter or covering that a hunter hides behind to keep flying ducks from seeing what they really are. Hunters. A duck hunter uses decoys (fake floating ducks) to lure unsuspecting real ducks into thinking the area is safe to land in. Only after the real ducks are flying toward the decoys does the hunter really reveal who he is.

The duck hunter example is perfect because it is how we sometimes treat the one thing we know we must do. We want to hide from it and act like we don’t know we are hiding. In reality, we know we are doing busy work to keep from doing the one thing we need to do.

I think in business as with life, we need to identify the one thing, push away all fear and start the process of doing that one thing. KT

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