Your last day

What would you do if you were told you had only a few weeks to live? Sounds morbid I know. Here is the thing, whatever your answer is to that hypothetical question, is the to-do-list that you hold most dear. They are the most important things you need to do.

I am just spit balling here, but I bet one of your answers was not to spend more time at work. Your answers were probably much more personal in nature regarding your family and the ones you love. You may have answered something about getting your finances in order so the ones you love will have an easier time after you are gone.

Here is a thought, why not do those things now before you are forced to. Why not sit your family down and have that conversation you have been putting off? Why not take a few hours and organize your life and your financial affairs? Why not do the things that are the most important things you need to do. Who knows, maybe the peace that comes from doing those things now will help you rest better, feel stronger, have more hope and maybe even live longer. Just a thought. KT

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