Winter Paralympic Games

The other day I was looking though the news completely unaware that I needed motivation. I was generally happy and content and going about my daily life as normal.

As I was reading I came across a news report on the Winter Paralympic Games happening this week in PyeongChang, South Korea. It had articles, videos and pictures of many of the world’s athletes as they compete. As of today, America leads the other countries with 30 metals, 11 of which are gold.

As I began to read about these athletes and watch videos of the competition, it began to humble me unlike anything I have ever seen. We as a society watch sporting events like baseball, football, basketball and with with rapt attention, the regular Olympic games. In many sports, these athletes are often seen as heroes and or role models for our kids when in reality, very few of them are living the model life worthy of hero status.

As I continued to watch these Paralympic athletes that persevered through life with physical handicaps, I believe they are the athletes that deserve the honor, respect and hero status of our youth as well as each of us reading this blog.

look up Paralympic games and just hit the “images” tab or the “videos” tab and see how great these athletes are. KT

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