Will you dance with me?

A couple of weeks ago we had all the family over to our house for dinner. At our house my two little granddaughters have clothes, toys, gamed etc. Elaine also bought them these fancy ball gowns that they like to dress up in.

After dinner that night the girls wanted to go put on the fancy gowns. We were sitting around the table when the girls walked in wearing the dresses. My oldest granddaughter (6 years old) came over to me and asked me to dance with her. I was finishing a conversation with her mother and was getting up from the table and she asked me again. I stopped and looked at her and said, I would love to dance with you.

At that moment I realized that was a special moment I needed to be in. Let me say that again. At that moment I realized that was a special moment I needed to be in. My little baby girl was asking her grandfather to dance with her. We did the dance where you hold your arms out like a Heisman trophy winner and I sang a song while we danced. It was so tender and so special. Then my youngest granddaughter (3 years old) also wanted to dance so I held her little hands and sang the song again and danced with my littlest baby girl.

That moment in time will stay with me for the rest of my life.

What are the moments you need to be paying attention to? Trust me when I tell you that later in life, those big sales, job promotions, money in bank, titles etc. will mean nothing. What you will remember are the moments like dancing with your granddaughters. KT

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