Which seeds are you watering in your life?

Buckle up, this could be a little long.

It would take 20 books to really explain this deep spiritual fact, but I will try to do it in one blog post.

Spiritually, the words, thoughts, and expectations in your life are like seeds planted in a farmer’s field. The seed that the farmer spends the most time with and waters the most will become his best and strongest crop. Agree??

Think of your life like that of the farmer’s (there are actually many scriptures that speak of this very comparison). Just picture with me the farmer standing on his back porch looking out over the field he has planted. This is important!! The farmer is not surprised by the crop that comes up because it was what he had planted. Never does the farmer look out over the field and say “dadgummit” that is corn, and I wanted beans! No, the farmer knows exactly want he planted and knows what the harvest will look like. Again, because he planted it.

Think spiritually with me here: what crop have you planted, and what harvest are you expecting in your life? The Bible clearly says that whatever you sow, you will reap.

So, when people told you that you were not smart enough, polished enough, educated enough, tall enough, good looking enough, your skin color was different, etc. You get the picture. If this is the seed you are watering by thinking about it, spending time with it, and expecting it to show up, this is what I am talking about.

For many, it is time to forget what other people may have said to you and focus on what God said to you. God said there is no one else like you in all the world and throughout the ages there has never been another you. Think about that for a second. There are billions of people who have lived before us and with us and not another one exactly like  you. You are his children and his heir created in the image of God.

For mothers of young children, are you letting opinions of what someone else said about you determine your expectation. Is your self-image what others think or what you think? For fathers, are you letting the negative seeds sown in your life determine the crop you are expecting in your life?

If so, pray something like this to God almighty: “Lord, forgive for letting what other people say about me determine what I expect in life. I ask you to give me a new direction and a new vision for my life. Starting today, I will speak positive words of affirmation about myself and will no longer let the crop of expected failure control my life. I am your child and I know you love me and want the very best for me and my family. I place my future in you. I will no longer dwell on the seeds of failure in my life and will start to sow seeds of blessing and success in my life.”

Like the farmer on his back porch, he didn’t plant his crop in the morning and expect harvest in the afternoon. Like the farmer’s field, there is a seed and harvest time. It takes time for a crop to grow to the point of harvest. It takes some caring over the crop and weeding out the bad and watering. But as surely as the sun will come up, you will reap what you have sown. When the crop of joy, success, peace, prosperity begin to grow in your field, look out over the crop and say “that is exactly what I expected to grow in my field because this is what I planted.”

So, go get you a John Deer hat to wear around your house while you are digging up bad words that have been spoken into your life and planting new, uplifting words into your life. Then, stand in full expectation of the seed crop becoming what you expected. KT

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  1. I remember Charles Stanley used to say of the laws of sowing and reaping, “…you always reap WHAT you sow, MORE than you sow, and LATER than you sow it.” Good words, Keith. It was good seeing you yesterday too! Keep it up!

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