As we look at our own lives there are things we just know we need to do but we keep putting off. They could be centered on such topics as relationships, weight loss, education, exercise, religion, writing, hobbies, habits and the list could go on for a full page. The point is to pick the area of your life that you know in your heart you need to change and start the process of doing it.

People often think, I will get around to it one day or in several months or next year. It is more comfortable waiting because it doesn’t force a change today. Zig Ziglar was a renowned public speaker and author who passed away in 2012 at 86 years old. He was one of the most sought after authors and motivational speakers in the country. He and Paul Harvey were the top two speakers of all time. Zig spoke before many top 100 companies, sales organizations and even Presidents.

He authored 14 books and I have a first edition of his first book called See You at the Top. In that very first book Zig did something that had never been done before. It was that book that set his career on the path he enjoyed for many years before his death. When he started writing that book he was overweight and out of shape. In that book he described in advance what his weight, exercise routine and health would be when the book was set to be published. This was before he even started losing the weight. He described in the book how much weight he knew he had to lose each day to reach the stated goal when the book was to be published. Long story short, he lost the weight he described in the book when it went to the publisher. It changed his life and his future career path.

Many times in our lives we fail to start because the task seems so daunting. Zig figured out a very simple question we should all ask ourselves. If we don’t start now, when? KT

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