When you need a new vison

At various stages of life, you sometimes just need a new vison. During those times you may question what you are doing and how you are doing it. A smart person once said, “just because you are questioning everything you are doing doesn’t mean you have to throw out all the things that have worked in the past.” That is a good word because the human tendency is to want to start completely over and many times that is not the answer.

I remember many years ago I thought I wanted an old XJ6 jaguar. After owning one it broke me of ever wanting another one. Ha. Well mine had overheated and needed major work. I went to my dad who was an airline mechanic and asked him to help me. We pulled the car in his garage and took the engine apart and replaced a bunch of things and put it back together. After we did this, it just would not run correctly. It skipped, sputtered and my dad who knew what he was doing, just couldn’t figure it out. After about two days of this, I was ready to just junk the car I was so frustrated. My dad said, let me try something and he started changing around the vacuum lines and suddenly, the engine started purring and idling like a new car. Apparently, the vacuum lines had become switched during the work and it just needed a little adjusting.

The point is, I was ready to dump the car and just go get another one when all it needed was a little tweaking. Therefore, if you find yourself needing a new perspective and a new vison for your life, very likely you don’t need to move to another state and start over. All you probably need is a little adjustment to your thinking and your vison for the future will become more clear. KT

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