When you don’t want anything

Have you ever had a day where you are just happy with where you are and what you have?

So many times our prayers, desires and actions are to get something else beyond what we already have.

In a blog a few months ago I wrote about this song I heard. Part of the lyrics when, “I wanted the whole world until my world stopped and then all I wanted was what I had back.” Life is like that song in a way. We want want want when in reality what we already have is a gift and we just don’t know it.

So back to the first question, have you ever said in a prayer “Lord, I don’t want anything today. I just wanted to thank you for what you have already done.” I think saying a prayer like that should be a goal for all of us. Imagine God’s expression when you start the prayer. He gets out his note card to list out your requests on what you need, what you want and what you ask for. Imagine his surprise when you say “I don’t want or need anything today Lord.” I would guess God’s reaction to that prayer is the same reaction you would have if your teenager just came and sat beside you and told you they just wanted to hang out with you. It didn’t happen often when my girls were young but when it did happen, it was a sweet moment.

God loves you just like you love your children. He wants the very very best for you in all areas of your life. Many times we are already so blessed you cannot put words to it, yet we often seek more. Every now and then I think it would be great if what we wanted was what we already had. KT

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