When reality hits

Most people don’t get serious until it is too late. They don’t get serious about health, God, their marriage, or their finances until reality hits.

A funny example of not getting serious until it is too late is the story of the skinny guy who is at the beach with his beautiful girlfriend when a big muscular guy comes by and steals his girlfriend. Got that picture in your mind? Imagine the skinny guy after he loses his girlfriend going to the trunk of his car getting out his barbell set to start working out. Ha. While it is never too late to start, for this guy in the story, it is probably too late to keep from losing that girlfriend.

That is how most people treat God, their health, their finances, etc. I have heard many people in hard times say, “God let me get all the way down here so he could teach me.” Well, not every time and every situation are the same, but mostly WE let ourselves get down there before we call on God to help. Sometimes, we only called on God when it is the last option. Listen to me, God wants to be involved in the everyday, simple decisions we make and not just the big whoppers. He takes delight in his children coming to him in prayer and asking “Lord, how I should handle that” or “Lord, please give me the wisdom in this situation.” The Bible says those are sweet fragrances to God.

It’s like the story about the prodigal son in the Bible. There are many facts and points to that story. The main fact to me is that the Bible says when the father saw his son from far away, he ran to meet him. The only way the father could see him from far away is because he was looking a long way off wanting to see the image of his boy coming home. That is the way God is. He will not force himself on you, but he will be there looking your way when you get ready to turn around and come home.

Waiting until the reality hits before you make a change is probably not the best course of action. In most situations of life, a simple, minor, and easy change today can make a huge impact later in life. KT

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