What do you need to hear?

Sometimes when we get lost in life’s issues. Hearing the right thing at the right time from the right person is priceless.

Let’s break this down. You can hear the right thing from the wrong person and you could still miss it, or you could hear the right thing at the wrong time and still miss it. When our heart is ready to accept something, we usually are more attuned and accessible to receiving advice.

I sell hotels, and sometimes we are the second broker that gets hired, which is not always a bad thing. The first broker told the seller what the value was, but the seller was not ready to hear it. By the time the second broker gets hired, the seller is more open to the idea that his value expectations are too high. Therefore, it needs to be hearing the right thing at the right time by the right person.

I have a friend who owns an auction company in Texas and he says, you want to be your wife’s first love, her second husband, and her third real estate agent. Ha. I made myself laugh.

The last example is I have a friend who lived at home with his mom and dad until he was 31 years old. His mom loved him, cooked for him, washed his clothes, cleaned his room, gave him good affirmation, ran interference for him if he had a problem and just basically doted on him. You guessed it– he was spoiled and then struggled in all areas of his life. So, what I am saying is too much love and parenting can also be a bad thing.

What is it you need to hear? At times we all need to hear love, respect, affirmation, words like “you can do it” and “you will be great,” etc. Sometime you need a challenging word from the right person that will kick you into gear and make you stop feeling sorry for yourself. What I am saying is we all need the right word at times in our life. Some of us need to be uplifted and some of us need to be challenged. One of the greatest awakenings of my life was the first day in boot camp in the US Navy. There were no words of comfort, affirmation or words like “come on I will help you” or “you can do it.” No siree, It was “you ___ maggot, do this or do that or stop that.” I am not saying those words helped me during boot camp, but they did force me to grow up and be a man and do it very quickly.

You ask what the point of this blog is. Here it is: get yourself ready to hear what you need to hear so that it has a positive effect on your life, your business and your family. KT

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