Warning signs

Many times, large events in life, business and our personal lives have warning signs. If only we will heed them.

Several well known examples are the sinking of the Titanic, bombing on Pearl Harbor, WWII, dot-com bust, 911, the housing crisis of 08/09. There are many more examples, but you get the point. All the above events came with significant warning signs, but no one was willing to listen/ heed the signs. The leaders of the day all said by their actions, “that will never happen, and it will be alright.” Over the years hundreds of thousands of people have died in situations that could have been averted if only people listened to the warning signs.

In our personal life, health, relationships, financial future – there too, we get warning signs telling us to veer off our current course. Danger ahead. We can’t live our lives in a total state of fear that we may make the wrong decision, but we can ask God to help us make sure we heed the important ones.

More times than I can count, I was going about my day and had a ping in my spirit to do this or that. to turn here or there, to stay or go. One time, I was coming home from work and driving the route I always took in the fast lane I always drove in. This one time I had a ping in my spirit to stay in the slow lane, so I did and eight seconds later a full wheel and tire came off a semi-truck and landed right where I would have usually been. I used to get upset if a flight was cancelled or delayed but I learned a long time ago to look at it as God protecting me from being in a certain a place, time or event.

I think often of the Titanic and the clear warning signs, actual sightings and radio transmissions telling the captain to veer off the current course and significantly slow down. The owners and architects of the ship were on broad and wanted to make headlines by arriving early to NY harbor, so they ignored the warnings signs and 1,496 people died. At Pearl Harbor they had radio transmissions that warned of an imminent attack and even the fact that they could not locate the Japanese Pacific fleet, yet everyone in command said by their actions. “Ah, it will be alright,” and 2,403 service men and women died that day. Similar warning signs were there for all the other events listed in the first paragraph.

In closing, listen to your spirit within you when it comes to decisions, relationships, moves, course corrections etc. in our personal lives. Heeding the warning signs could just very well save your life and protect the future for those around you. KT

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