Wanting what you don’t have

How about a little lesson in Country Music. Ha

There is a song by Jake Owens called “What we ain’t got” and it has a very good meaning. The song is about people always wanting something more than they current have and never being satisfied. A bigger house and a faster car and we all want what we ain’t got. The striving for “things” we see other people have. One section of lyrics near the end of the song is particularly poignant when it says “I wanted the whole world until my world stopped. Now all I want is what I had.”

Things happen and the life as we know it can change with a phone call or a doctor visit. I trust everyone reading this blog will all live very long, very healthy and very prosperous lives but we all know someone that got a call one day and their world as they knew changed.

The point is to live life now and to not put off what you want to do.

Another song is by Tim McGraw titled “live like you were dying.” The song is about a man talking to his friend in his early 40’s about a bad diagnosis he received from his doctor. The man asked the friend what he did after the doctor told him he was dying. He expected the friend to tell him he went home and cried and felt sorry for himself. To his surprise, the friend told him he went “sky diving, rocky mountain climbing, rode 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fu Manchu.” He also told the man that he gave forgiveness he had been denying, loved deeper, spoke sweeter and became the husband he was supposed to be. His friend told him, someday I hope you get the chance to live like you were dying. Wow

I know these are country songs that didn’t come from the bible but we all know that these words carry meaning for us all. Hopefully everyone reading this blog is in good health and living their dreams in life but sometimes making a decision to change our life comes only after we take an inventory of really how blessed we are now. Live the life you have today, hug your family and don’t hold back telling them how much you love them.

The ending of Tim McGraw’s song said it well. “Someday I hope you get the chance to live like you were dying.” What a good meaning and a good lesson for us all. Be Safe. KT

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