Waiting too late to start

Let me give you a silly example of what I am talking about. Let’s say you are a skinny, weak, young man at the beach with your girl friend and a big strong guy comes and steels your girlfriend away. That is not the time to go get your barbells out of your car and start working out to get strong. Ha

I know this is a silly example, but my point is that we shouldn’t wait until there is trouble with our marriage, finances, relationships, jobs, health, etc. to start fixing the problem. It is better if you prepare in advance for the problem so when and if it happens, you are ready.

Many people can see a storm (literal) from a long way away and get prepared but in some of life’s most important situations, that same person will see the storm and dismiss it and just hope it passes by. Then they get upset to find themselves getting rained on simply because they refused to do anything about it in advance.

I find in life, there are very few (even though we won’t admit it) situations that catch us completely by surprise. Most times we have already thought about and have chosen to dismiss it and hope it will just blow over.

So, some metaphoric advice to be applied to the important areas of life. if you are a slightly ugly, knock kneed, 135 lbs., bone skinny dude that has a pretty girl friend, don’t take her to the beach. Ha. KT

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