Trading cars

I am convinced I have a mental deficiency when it comes to cars and trucks. I don’t do drugs, drinking, gambling etc. but I love cars and trucks and love to trade. I had bough a new Toyota Tundra in early 2022 and the same dealer called in May of this year to tell me he had a 2023 Sequoia that I should come buy. So, what did I do,,, I traded my truck on that Sequoia.

Well, what started as a small decision in May has evolved into a whole big shift on what we drive. That same Toyota dealer calls me in early August and wanted to buy the Sequoia back and was offering a lot more money than I paid for it. So, what did I do,,, I sold it back to the dealer. That brings me to a Jeep we bought to keep at the lake house. I tell Elaine since we sold the Sequoia back, we should see if we could trade the jeep for a new Bronco. She liked the idea. So, what did I do,,, I found a Bronco and traded the jeep. Then,,,, we didn’t need Elaine’s SUV she has been driving for the last couple years and her sister wanted it.

So, what did we do,,, we sold it to her. That left me driving the 10-year-old car which is still a perfect car, but I wanted a mid-size truck. I looked and looked and settled on a Chevrolet mid-size truck and what did I do,,, I bought the Chevrolet mid-sized truck.

So needless to say, when I traded the truck for the Sequoia back in May I had no idea of the chain of trades it would trigger.

Betty Ford started a nonprofit to help people with substance dependence in 1982. It is called the Betty Ford Center. I think what I need is the Henry Ford Center that deals with wanting to buy, sell and trade cars. Ha. KT

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