Timeless classic

I have an old Jeep Grand Wagoneer and to me, it is a timeless classic. It is a 1988 Wagoneer with the wood grain down the sides with whitewall tires and old school technology. It is mostly original and unchanged from the day it was new. I simply love the Wagoneer.

I guess what I love most about it is the memories it stirs within me. This is the third one I have owned and with each one, I swore I would never buy another one. Well, here I have another one. I bought the first one when both of my daughters were little, and we would take it camping and on trips and it was my main vehicle at the time. I have memories of my babies riding in the back seat, talking to me about their day and what they were thinking about, and asking questions about everything. I also remember going to get ice cream in that old Wagoneer and seeing my children full of joy and full of wonder.

So, my old Wagoneer stays in the garage and is always clean and ready to go. From time to time, I will go to the garage just to look at it and occasionally start it up and listen to it run. The week of Christmas, I drove it for a couple of days to the office and to lunch. One of those days, my youngest daughter happened to be at the office and happened to be available to go lunch with me in the Wagoneer. Having one of my babies (27 years old) ride with me in the old Jeep that day was a memory I will keep forever because I will add that memory to the ones I already have.

You will think I have lost it here, but I drink coffee every morning all year long out of a Christmas cup because there are so many great and fond memories of Christmas around our house. I get that Christmas cup out every morning because it makes me smile, and I believe it even makes the coffee taste better. Ha

I find that there are things in our lives that have meaning and fond memories; we should keep those things close because they bring us joy. Some would say to strip all the old out of our lives to replace it with the new. I don’t think so. Having some of the old with us helps us to walk in the new. KT

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