Time versus Timing

Time to God is not as important as Timing. There is secular quote that says, “Timing is everything,” and it is pretty close to being correct.

God’s view of our life covers a broad range of time and in many cases, years. Our view of life is yesterday, last week or last year. We view our successes and mistakes in the short range. God knows where he wants you to be five years from now but in most cases all we can think about or see is last week. I will give you a perfect example of what I am talking about

29 years ago I decided I needed to be in the fast food restaurant business and what a mistake that was. I was head strong and thought I knew best for my life but if I am perfectly honest with myself, that decision was mine and mine alone. That decision almost destroyed our financial lives, but as with all decisions, good and bad, God can pick up the pieces and get us through it.

It took me some years later to understand the pieces God was working with. One of the pieces was that the guy I bought the restaurants from also was a hotel broker. When he saw me about to lose everything in the restaurant business, I think he felt sorry for me and gave me a chance to sell hotels, which turned out to be my profession in life. I had no education or experience in selling hotels yet God saw the road I needed to be on 10 years before I did. All I could see was the existing circumstances.

I have no doubt I would have ended up exactly where I am at and I am also sure God had an easier path than to go the route of the failed restaurant business. That said, God picked up the pieces of my life and used the course I was on to get me to where I needed to be going.  I understand it perfectly clear now, but back then I was so in debt with the restaurants, all I could see was where I was, not where I was going.

The Time it took to get me in the place he wanted me to be was just Time to God but what is important was his Timing. It doesn’t matter how great the change in your life may be, if you are not ready, it won’t mean anything. God knows the proper timing for every aspect of lives. Our prayer shouldn’t be, God change this or do that, rather our prayer should be, God get us ready for your Timing. KT

4 thoughts on “Time versus Timing

  1. Keith,

    This post was very meaningful for those that are waiting for the right “timing”. Thanks

    Mary Anne

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